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For a long time we were looking for a place where we could live together with our animals in harmony with nature. In 2014 we finally found this wonderful piece of earth that just seemed to be waiting for us.


The enerQiLandgut is located in the middle of the Drumlin hills on the western shore of Lake Zurich, not far from the Schönenberg golf course. Coming from Schönenberg, the valley opens gently with its green meadows around the nature reserve on the Chrebsbach. The unspoilt glacier landscape and the natural wet meadows offer us ideal conditions for pristine and natural animal husbandry.


We were able to preserve the farm buildings between the old trees and renovate them with natural materials. This created large boxes and free-range stables in which our protégés feel comfortable and live together in groups. We were able to convert and completely renovate the existing double farmhouse for our guests and ourselves. At Christmas 2017 we were able to move in with the whole family and our dogs and cats. In the future, there will also be space for a broom bar and a small farm shop next door.


For several years now, we have been taking in animals that no one else wants. Be it the show jumping horse that is not suitable for jumping, the broodmare that does not have a foal or the cute piggy that is no longer cute enough for the petting zoo, they have all found their place in our home. We are very happy to be able to offer our animal family here on our enerQi estate a species-appropriate and natural environment. And who knows, maybe the family will continue to grow here.

Many of our animals have a long history behind them. Here Kendra greets Megan in the herd. Help us to offer you a species-appropriate, natural and happy life. Every contribution counts and benefits the animals directly.


Summary of our philosophy

We keep our animals as pristine as possible on the enerQi estate. The animals are kept together in groups and can either move around in the pasture or in free-range stalls as it is good for them. The cultivation of our food and feed without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides as well as naturopathic homeopathic care for our animals and plants give us pure and natural food. It gives us a good feeling not to pollute the groundwater. A fertile soil, which gets better every year, ensures the growth of species-rich grasses of good quality. This enables our animals to live healthy without civilization diseases. Because the same applies to our animals: You are what you eat.

This is how an oasis was created on the enerQi estate where people, animals and plants can find their equilibrium. We have chosen many of our animals to live our natural life with them. But many of them came to us over the course of time as if by themselves. They were no longer needed and no longer had a home. It gives us a lot of joy to see how these seemingly useless animals find new courage to live and enrich our life together. We are happy to deepen the connection to our animals through non-violent work on the ground or on the horse. Animals that have never come into contact with so-called freedom training will find a good opportunity here to release blockages and have fun in contact with people again. From this, wonderful partnerships full of trust develop from animal to human and vice versa over time.



We are always looking for support from sponsors. Only this support enables us to take in homeless animals. Would you like to help?


Here you can see which animals need your help. You can support us with a regular monthly contribution and thus provide valuable help for the care of your patented animal. You are free to choose the amount, for organizational reasons there is a minimum amount of CHF 25.00 per month. Please transfer the amount yourself to the following account IBAN CH87 0681 4360 2082 8470 3, enerQi Landgut, Astrid Blümlein, Betrieb Au, 8824 Schönenberg. There is no notice period. You can end the sponsorship by e-mail every month, whereby we would of course be happy about long-term support. A one-time donation for an item that is missing from a specific animal or from general management is also very welcome.


See here with which you could bring joy to our animals.


Sponsorship request

Are you attracted to a particular animal? Ask us whether a sponsorship is possible for this animal. As a thank you for your support, you will receive a sponsorship certificate with a picture of your sponsor. Of course, you can also visit your sponsored animal with us. We hold regular visiting days or patent meetings on the enerQi estate, where you can pamper your protégé to your heart's content. We inform all sponsors about dates on a regular basis. Get to know other sponsors at the patent meetings and enjoy the exchange with like-minded people. We look forward to you.


Getting to the estate

Parking spaces are located in Schönenberg at the multi-purpose hall. From there you can reach us on foot. Direct access is not possible, the path leads through the nature reserve.